If you’re an independent author, you’ve probably looked into getting your book made into an audiobook. After all, the audiobook market is growing at a healthy pace. And there are more avenues of distribution than ever before.

But if you’ve priced the production of an audiobook, you’ve probably fainted from sticker shock. Making a professional audiobook with top-quality narration and production is expensive.

Until now.

Introducing Perfect Voices. An affordable way to have your book professionally produced and distributed without breaking the bank. We have multiple packages that tailor both the upfront costs and the royalties to your budget. We work with both established and independent authors to bring their work to audio. we even have a video production service perth to create a great video presentation for you.

But unlike most production companies, we don’t just send you on your way with your audiobook. We offer all the distribution channels that the big publishing houses have including Audible, Amazon, iTunes, OverDrive, Books on Board, iAmplify, Horror/Fantasy Drive-Thru and more! Our books are submitted for review both in industry perodicals and various web venues. We are a full service audio publishing service with unique capabilities and forward-thinking methods.

Let us help you bring the voices in your head to life. Click on The Team above. There are voice samples, biographies, and more. If you don’t find the voice you are after, contact us, and we’ll find them for you. Welcome to the future of audio.